Captain Molyneux
Appears The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing
Captain Molyneux
Appears Adam's Journal
Actor Jim Broadbent
Next Life Vyvyan Ayrs

Captain Molyneux is the master of the the sailing vessel upon which Adam Ewing is sailing to return to the United States.

The NovelEdit

The vessel is the Prophetess and Adam Ewing is a passenger returning from Australia after having located the beneficiary of a will. Prophetess is delayed at Chatham Island to replace a mast lost in a storm. After leaving Chatham Island, Molyneux calls at the Island of Raiatea where he convinces the Reverend Giles Horrox that he is a "Christian" man. Molineux and Horrox enter into an agreement for Molyneux to transport the products of Horrox's plantations to market in California. Molyneux next takes his vessel to Honolulu, where the ill Ewing is taken from the vessel by Autua.

The FilmEdit

The name of the vessel is not specified and Adam Ewing is a passenger returning to the United States after having concluded a business deal the Reverend Giles Horrox on behalf of Ewing's father-in-law, Haskell Moore. The vessel arrives safely in San Francisco, where the ill Ewing is taken from the vessel by Autua.

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