Papa Song is one of the corporations in Nea So Copros. It is represented as being a person, but Sonmi-451 realizes that the image presented at the dinery where she worked is a sound and light show.

The Chongmyo Plaza restaurant dome has a width of 80 meters and a capacity for 400 diners. The personnel is composed by three Hwa-Soon, three Yoona, three Ma-Leu-Da and three Sonmi, the Seer Rhee, and two assistants.

Supposition Edit

It is heavily implied that the Papa Song's franchise is a kind of evolved form of the American-based fast-food company, McDonalds. This is supported by the fact that the Papa Song "spokesman" takes the form of a smiling, holographic clown, as well as the fact that the standard server's uniform consists of gold and scarlet coloring, and the dinery is stated to have "golden arches" as its corporate logo.

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