Adam's Journal is the name assigned on this wiki to the portions of the film that involve Zachry, Meronym and the Abbess.

The tale in the film is based on Sloosha's Crossin' an' Ev'rythin' After in the novel with the following differences:

  • Zachry does not die - his older version opens and closes the movie (similar to how the story is the centrepiece of the book).
  • The tale begins when Zachry is an adult.
  • The valleymen do not travel to a market gathering.
  • The incident involving a bridge is presented differently.
  • Zachry never violates Meronym's privacy by going through her personal belongings.
  • Zachry is never captured by the Kona.
  • Zachry never speaks to Duophysite.
  • Zachry sees a super-human sized statue (matching the smaller on kept by the Abbess) of Sonmi at the observatory.
  • Meronym activates a communication link to the people who fled the Earth.
  • The Prescients' vessel returns to Hawaii a second time.
  • "Zachry's Crossing" is not to another island, but to another planet (possibly Mars).
  • Zachry and Meronym marry.
  • Zachry has the comet birthmark instead of Meronym.

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